Schools4Change is a charity founded in the UK in 2012 by a Psychology teacher concerned about the lack of opportunities for young people across the globe. We promote access to an exceptional level of education for all, as well as access to legitimate means of employment. Schools4Change build partnerships across countries and continents to assist institutions in creating exemplary governance to ensure progress and outcomes. 

We are a group of volunteers who nurture talent, overcome obstacles, and listen; so that we can give others the opportunity to live better and feel empowered to push boundaries in a mindful manner. We encourage organic growth, and are determined to spread our work across the UK and the globe. Our team travels from our London office to key locations worldwide, bringing equality and long-lasting systemic change.


We envision a world where each and every organization delivering services for young people have access to the services they require; whether this be education, employment, or anything else. Schools4Change mobilise resources to create quality educational curricula, which combine modern pedagogy and coaching principles that teach and empower the pupil. We believe that the power of the thinking mind has the capacity to create a world filled with equality regardless of gender, race, or belief.

Our pilot project in Pakistan allowed our team to experiment with development models that work and don't work. Our signature BPO project proved to be a success in the local community of Manzil, and gave us the confidence to venture out to various other locations. Currently, we have projects set up in other areas of Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. We are consistently seeking for other projects to set up or develop, so if you feel like you are able to contribute to the team, get in touch!