Aamna Khokhar

Founder and Director

As the founder of Schools4Change, Aamna has a BSc in Psychology, a PGCE in Social Sciences and an MA in Education. With over a decade of teaching experience in the UK, she has always been eager to create thinking minds. Aamna began concentrating on her efforts to address issues of empowerment for women and the underclasses in the hope to take a small step towards a more equal world.

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Mohammed Imran


Fundraising Manager

After studying Arabic and Persian at Oxford University, Mohammed spent some time in the Middle East travelling and studying. He was the Chief Executive of the Muslim Youth Helpline and led the Support and Advocacy departments helping vulnerable young people. Since 2009 Mohammed has been running a Management Consultancy company, Youth Led Innovation Limited, working in healthcare media and finance. 

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Melanie Smith


Acting Chair

Melanie works in International Development as a Fundraising and Communications Officer. She works on Schools4Change's external and internal communications, editorial, strategy and policy development, fundraising oversight, general governance and administration. 

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Asma Ahmad

Educational Programmes Director, UK Branch

Asma has worked in Post-16 Education for over 12 years as a teacher and a Curriculum Manager. Currently, she is an Education Consultant in colleges and assists in maintaining teaching and learning standards at a Weekend Arabic Language School. At Schools4Change, she is in charge of Educational Programmes in the UK, and finds the work she does to be inspiring and rewarding for herself and the young people involved.

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Sameer Naeem

Marketing and Communications Manager

Sameer has just graduated in BA Media and English from Goldsmiths, University of London, and is now studying MA Race, Media and Social Justice. At Schools4Change, he persistently works towards effective marketing strategies for campaigns held by Schools4Change. He consistently liaises with Alaa and Hamza regarding important visual content that is produced to ensure that Schools4Change upholds the image it currently has. Partial to his role, he also works alongside others on events and within current projects.

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Hamza Liaquet


Content & Events Coordinator

Hamza is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London and is planning to do research in the field of Aeronautics. At Schools4Change, his role is to provide technical assistance, oversee website production and assist with current projects.

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Alaa Alsaraji


Creative Director

Alaa is a designer working for creative agencies across print, digital & service design and has been involved in various arts education charities and community projects. At S4C she is in charge of the visual identity of Schools4Change including promotion material and website design. She also develops ideas for projects and workshops across the UK and international branches and assists in organising fundraising events. 

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Jason-Alexander Addison-Francis

Events and Marketing Assistant

Jason is currently studying Medical Genetics (BSc) at Queen Mary University of London. After his degree Jason aspires to work in the research field of Genetics. During his spare time he enjoys reading non-fiction, playing the piano and studying music composition. At Schools4Change, Jason helps with the organising and planning of events.

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Jahanara Rafique

Events Coordinator

Jahanara is currently studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Greenwich in Kent. She is very passionate about helping others and enjoys volunteering. She spent the summer of 2016 in Kenya for three months creating HIV awareness and securing livelihoods. She is now working with Schools4Change to help tackle global issues, such as woman empowerment and equality. Her role at Schools4Change involves coordinating with peers on activities and new ideas for events.

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