Project Status: Live

A school with over 600 children, the majority of whom are orphans, Schools4Change is partnering with this unique organisation that provides spiritual and secular education to young people in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Schools4Change has provided full computer lab to the school and are in the process of recruiting an English teacher. With the kind support of our donors on the 20th of January at our Winter Banquet we now have enough funds to support this school for a whole year. 

We will be launching our BPO syllabus at the school in late 2017. 


Project Status: Complete

At Manzil School, we piloted our unique BPO programme. We have had an outstanding effect on the school in just a short space of time with a student already in employment and the teacher we recruited to teach English now working as the Headteacher. 

We provided a number of computers to use in their IT lab, and provided a syllabus, resources and recruited an English teacher and an IT teacher with donations from the public. 

Manzil School was Schools4Change's first project and ran for an incredible six months. The school is located in Karachi, Pakistan, is a school in deprived area close to live railway lines where 7 children have been killed in recent years. 


Project Status: Pre-implementation stages

We are currently planning a 2 day workshop with the aim to help women gain and improve their employment skills. Workshops include information on what employers want, how to optimise digital communication, and how to deal with female representation in the media.

If you are interested in taking part please email info@schools4change.org.uk


Project Status: Live

Immanuel Orphanage, located in Sonipat, India, is a non-profit organisation that houses twenty young children. Schools4Change is working closely to help fundraise

Schools4Change is currently in the works of setting up beneficial collaborative projects, which will not only help sustain Immanuel Orphanage even further, but will improve the level of opportunities both organisations receive.

This summer Schools4Change employees will be travelling to Immanuel Orphanage to officially set up the partnership project.