Immanuel Orphanage: An Introduction

What is Immanuel Orphanage?

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, Immanuel Orphanage opened in 2004 and is home to over twenty children and adults.  Attached to the orphanage is Immanuel School, which provides education for children at the orphanage, as well as children from surrounding areas in the town of Narela.

Schools4Change partnered with Immanuel Orphanage in the second quarter of 2017. It is our first international development project outside of Pakistan, which also houses many of the children that attend the school. As Schools4Change's interests lie in education, our utmost priority in development centres around Immanuel School. Nonetheless, we bear in mind possible developments that can be made to living conditions, and make adjustments where possible to cater for this. 

Since Schools4Change began in 2012, one of our aims was to expand our developments beyond Pakistan into other countries. Five years on, Immanuel Orphanage stands as a milestone in our books; an exciting development for Schools4Change as we venture across the border for the first time. Stay with us to keep updated on Immanuel Orphanage developments!