Updates: Autumn 2017

Over the summer, a renovated computer lab has been set up at Darul-Uloom Qamar Islam. The lab is accompanied by new flooring, and a new desk for each desktop computer. The desks are custom-made to increase the longevity of the machines, while maximising space in the lab.

During the month of Ramadan, Schools4Change fundraised money to provide Eid presents for 58 students who have no relatives. This was done in partnership with JustSmiles, as part of their #EidSmiles2017 campaign. Thanks to everyone involved with the campaign, we collectively raised over £5000 in the month of Ramadan alone. The money raised was distributed between JustSmiles and Schools4Change, and allowed us to provide new clothes for children at Darul-Uloom Qamar Islam on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr 2017.

As Schools4Change grows, we are hoping to soon fund an improved sanitation system (£1500), stationery packs for all students (£1800), dictionaries and thesauruses (£400), a second computer lab (£5000), more gifts for upcoming occasions (£1000), and an English teacher to raise the minimum standard of communication (£2000 per annum). All costs are approximate values and may vary.

Darul-Uloom Qamar Islam: So Far

What is Darul-Uloom Qamar Islam?

A school with over 600 children, the majority of whom are orphans. Schools4Change is partnering with this organisation, which provides spiritual and secular education to young people in Karachi, Pakistan.

Schools4Change is involved in funding supplies and essential facilities for Darul-Uloom Qamar Islam. Money that we have raised during annual fundraisers, and generous donations from the public, have allowed our partnership with Darul-Uloom Qamar Islam to flourish, and has paved way for new facilities to fund. With kind support from our donors, we now have enough funds to support this school for a whole year.